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Protestant youth housing project for young women with children

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Mother and child residential unit pursuant to Section 19 SGB VIII

Our services are aimed at pregnant women and mothers (aged 14 to 27) with children up to the age of 5, whose living conditions, age or other problems mean that they are not able to care for their child on their own.

The socio-educational support and support structure we offer (aimed at realising your life plans, prospects and goals) is based on acceptance and on fighting your corner. Our socio-educational work is based around the needs and interests of young women and their children. Fathers and long-term partners may be involved at the mother’s request.

The youth housing project offers an intensive support option, a regular support option, training apartments and follow-up support after moving out of the home.

Our services include counselling and support sessions, and we also offer support for mothers in learning to run their household and manage their finances independently, with baby/childcare and with parenting. In addition, we also offer help in stabilising the mother-child relationship, work with fathers, support with school or training scheme issues and support with personal development.

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Ev. Jugendwohnprojekt für junge Frauen mit Kind
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