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Haus der Familie Münster e.V. (House of the families)

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Haus der Familie Münster – Katholisches Bildungsforum im Stadtdekanat Münster e.V. is a state-accredited family and adult education institution in the city of Munster. The focus is on parent and family education and the institution is financed and run by the Catholic church.

In this context we understand the term family to encompass long-term arrangements where parents and other attachment figures live together with and take responsibility for children.

Haus der Familie helps strengthen families by organising professionally moderated seminars, courses, workshops and talks for people at all stages of their lives. Our organisation is open to people of all ages, world views, religions and nationalities.

The courses and events we organise help in building stable relationships and create networking opportunities for families and individuals.

In addition to events from the active programme, events such as our
Residential Course for Single Parents (summer holidays) offer single parents the opportunity to make new contacts and pursue new educational opportunities.

All events are also open to single parents.

Courses and events are offered at various locations around Münster.



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